Domain Name Privacy

Domain Name Encryption Is Not Enough: Privacy Leakage via IP-based Website Fingerprinting

Although the security benefits of domain name encryption technologies such as DNS over TLS (DoT), DNS over HTTPS (DoH), and Encrypted Client Hello (ECH) are clear, their positive impact on user privacy is weakened by---the still exposed---IP address …

"Assessing the Privacy Benefits of Domain Name Encryption" presented at Internet Engineering Task Force 110 Meeting

We are grateful to Dr. Mirja Kühlewind and Dr. Dave Plonka for giving us a chance to present our work on Assessing the Privacy Benefits of Domain Name Encryption to the Measurements and Analysis for Protocols Research Group (MAPRG) at IETF 110.

Assessing the Privacy Benefits of Domain Name Encryption

As Internet users have become more savvy about the potential for their Internet communication to be observed, the use of network traffic encryption technologies (e.g., HTTPS/TLS) is on the rise. However, even when encryption is enabled, users leak …

K-resolver: Towards Decentralizing Encrypted DNS Resolution

Centralized DNS over HTTPS/TLS (DoH/DoT) resolution , which has started being deployed by major hosting providers and web browsers, has sparked controversy among Internet activists and privacy advocates due to several privacy concerns. This design …

"K-resolver" presented at NDSS MADWeb 2020

We are happy to have our paper entitled "K-resolver: Towards Decentralizing Encrypted DNS Resolution" accepted at NDSS Workshop on Measurements, Attacks, and Defenses for the Web (MADWeb) 2020