PhD’s Courses at SUNY Stony Brook

  • 2018 Spring Semester: CSE595 Semantic Web (Instructed by Dr. Paul Fodor)
  • 2017 Fall Semester: CSE508 Network Security (Instructed by Dr. Michalis Polychronakis)
  • 2017 Spring Semester: CSE547 Discrete Mathematics (Instructed by Dr. Anita Wasilewska)
  • 2017 Spring Semester: CSE534 Fundamentals of Computer Networks (Instructed by Dr. Aruna Balasubramanian)
  • 2016 Fall Semester: CSE532 Theory of Database Systems (Instructed by Dr. Fusheng Wang)
  • 2016 Fall Semester: CSE509 System Security (Instructed by Dr. Nick Nikiforakis)

Teaching and Research Assistant @ SUNY Stony Brook

  • From 2016 Fall Semester ~ now: Research Assistant at HexLab, under the supervision of Dr. Michalis Polychronakis.
  • 2017 Spring Semester: TA for CSE331 Computer Security Fundamentals
  • 2016 Fall Semester: TA for CSE114 Computer Science I - Procedural and object-oriented programming

Master’s Courses at Kyoto University

Past Exams Archive

Past Examinations of The Department of Social Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University. 京都大学大学院情報学研究科社会情報学専攻過去問 [Root Directory]

  • Essay on General Topics _ 一般論述 (Heisei 11 to Heisei 27) [PDF]
  • Fundamentals of Informatics _ 情報学基礎 (Heisei 11 to Heisei 27) [PDF]
  • Specialized Subjects _ 専門科目 (Heisei 11 to Heisei 27) [PDF]
  • Learning Materials [PDF]
  • 先輩の過去レポート [Directory]

Please inbox or DM for the decryption key because some materials are restricted within Kyoto University.