Theory of Computational Complexity

Lecture in Turn

  • (My turn) Chapter 8: The Deutsch’s Algorithm, Superdense Coding, and Teleportation [Slides]
  • A lecture by Dr. Stephen Spicklemire from University of Indianapolis will help you on the topic of Deutsch’s Problem [URL]

Supplementary Materials:

  • Textbook: Quantum Algorithms via Linear Algebra by Richard J. Lipton and Kenneth W. Regan (Due to copyright, I don’t put a public link here, please inbox to get the decryption key for the ebook.pdf).

  • A series of videos to help you equip yourself with basic knowledge of quantum computing [URL] by Michael Nielsen

  • Basic Quantum gates Basic Quantum gates

  • Proof of Teleportation Proof of Teleportation

  • D-Wave Quantum Computer video